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Professional and reliable editorial services. No project too big or small!

I’m Megan and I’m an editor and writer, currently living in Scotland.

I started editing professionally over a year ago after an unavoidable need for a career change. With only my love of books and reading spurring me on, I immediately enrolled into a post-grad editing and publishing degree. I found I picked it up quickly, quicker than I pick up most skills, which made this career change feel somewhat destined.

A year on and I’ve officially graduated from a Graduate Certificate in Editing and Publishing, alongside the completion of a variety of editing jobs. I’ve edited blog posts, short stories, business documents, anthologies and novels. I thoroughly enjoy editing all genres and styles as it keeps me on my toes, and I take great pleasure in learning about new subjects.

My philosophy in editing is, “if I was a new reader to this subject or genre, would this writing draw me in, or push me away?” I basically just want to make stories better, sentences punchier and presentation neat.

I keep my rates low because I’m still only in my second year of this business. So check out my website and get in contact if you’re interested in working together.

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