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Resource Title: Gessert Books: Book Layout & Ebook Formatting

Pitch: Professional book formatting, designing & typesetting.


I’m Phillip Gessert; and I’m a book designer, typesetter and print/ebook formatter in Amarillo, TX. I began building books full time in 2011, and am especially passionate about page typography. I pride myself on building books to the highest standard of quality, both aesthetically and functionally.
I provide fully validated ePub and MOBI files, suitable for publishing on the Kindle Store and other retailers. All ebooks are created using hand-coded HTML & CSS, and take the unique considerations for different devices into account. The books are built to be flexible and render predictably across a range of e-readers. And I use traditional and classical typographical principles to give the books an appealing look.
I also provide PDF files suitable for print. I’m happy to build to Createspace or Ingram specifications, or simply build to industry-standard print-readiness. I use my pre-press experience to preflight and prepare PDF files that most any print service provider would be delighted to receive.

Why authors should care about this resource:

I pride myself in finding high-quality, low cost solutions to common design problems. I aim to find a good nexus between quality and cost. This means I am not the cheapest book designer, but I do deliver the best bang for your buck.
I do not treat your book as a rote technical task. I am a designer, first and foremost, and strive to create tasteful and elegant designs.

Recent Testimonials:
Phillip is a pure delight to work with. He’s meticulous, professional, punctual, and highly capable. He’s met my exacting demands time and time again, even when under pressure of timeline and budget. He’s my only choice when it comes to laying out a book, and I plan on using him for many more projects to come. —Ben Dutter, Sigil Stone Publishing
Phillip and I have worked together for a few years now and with each project he has devoted himself to the task and will not quit until the job is done to satisfaction. Very personable and detailed-oriented, I recommend him highly! —Kwasi Konadu, Diasporic Africa Press

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