Custom Book Formatting, Built in Detail from the Code Up.

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Pitch: I specialize in custom, from-scratch formatting.
Some formatters start with Microsoft Word and manipulate your code in that, or otherwise use software to convert the result to EPUB and MOBI.
I start at the root—your text and its design—and I build the EPUB with HTML and specialized CSS, with as little bloat as possible and settings to help older e-readers. This provides the most possible control over appearance with the lowest file size, improving reader experience while reducing the delivery fee charged by certain vendors.
When I make PDFs, I check the document for widows, orphans, and rivers—aesthetic items that more automated formatters don’t and can’t fix, because it requires a human eye. (Tip: The Microsoft Word command “avoid widows and orphans” can’t be trusted. It LIES.)
Why authors should care about this resource:
Maybe you want your book to be designed to fit your text, rather than your text plugged into a design used by every other self-publishing author. Maybe your book’s too complicated or involved to fit the average formatter’s experience or expertise. Maybe you have a file but it isn’t quite right, and you need it tweaked.
Hire me, and you get a unique experience for your readers (and a reduced pesky fee for file size).

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