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Accomplish Press is an innovative, author-focused company based in the UK.  Established in 2011, we are proud to take a different approach to helping authors with writing and publishing their work. We offer Coaching, Self-Publishing Courses, Publishing Packages and Consulting services for aspiring authors. 
Coaching Services – We offer a variety  of coaching programmes for writers and aspiring authors who want to start working on their ideas for writing a novel or non-fiction book. Tolulope Popoola works with writers one-to-one or in group programmes. The aim of our coaching is to get authors writing quickly, with clarity and confidence instead of confusion, so that they can go from initial idea to first draft to published book within a short time-frame.  
Self-Publishing Courses – We offer training courses for writers who want to learn how to self-publish their work. If you would prefer to learn the step-by-step approach to self-publishing your work, we can help. We will teach you and advice you on how to go through the self-publishing process. We will guide you on the best options for your work, from choosing a title, through to the final product, which is a published ebook or print book. 
Consulting Services – We offer personalised, professional advice and consulting services for your writing or publishing projects. We can help with any questions you have regarding your work, from the early stages of writing, to the final published book in your hands. 
Self-Publishing Packages – At Accomplish Press, we offer cost-effective packages for writers who wish to pay for all the publishing and marketing services they require in one convenient sum. There are three packages for Ebook Only Publishing or Paperback + Ebook Publishing. We can also do Paperback Only packages if requested.

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