Book Sprout

Date:April 11 11:35 am


Resource Title: Book Sprout

Pitch: Book Sprout is the best new way for authors to notify their fans of a new release or deal

Summary: Book Sprout lets you promote your new releases or deals to those readers on their mobile devices. It was built specifically to promote your books through notifications, count downs & special deals. It has the same premise as a mailing list, only on steroids and completely built from the ground up with authors in mind. Here’s a bit of what it does:

– Increase sales by reaching 100% of your followers whenever you release a new book or run a deal.
– Reach readers via mobile notifications on tablets/phones/kindles, something that wasn’t possible for authors until now.
– Access to data that’s specific to authors and critical in making big decisions (such as whether or not to participate in KDP Select).

Why authors should care about this resource: More readers are on mobile devices. Reach them where they are.

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