What is Author Stash?

The Formal Version: Author Stash is a user-curated directory of helpful resources & tools so you can write and sell more books.

The Not-So-Formal Version: It’s an awesome stash of resources for authorpreneurs, writers, freelancers and self-published authors. You can vote on your favorites and they will rise to the top as the “most useful”

What do you mean by “user-curated” or “user-ranked”?

We go out and find every possible resource for authors, categorize then add them to the stash. Once they’re in, the users can rate those resources they find the most helpful. The best rise to the top and every few months we cull the list. Sign up here to hear about which tools make the cut.

Why, oh why did you do it?

We have been researching self-publishing and writing since 2008 in order to publish our own books. As such we have collected a very, very, extensive list of resources, tools, blogs, books, example sites and other places on the internet that we found useful. We looked at our combined lists one day and said “there has to be a better way to organize this mess.” So we built this site over a weekend to help us get a better handle on all of the links… then we decided to share it with the world.

Isn’t this just a knock-off of the StartupStash Idea?

Yes, yes it is.  But here’s why that’s okay: We only copied the general idea and format of his site. WE compiled the resource list, WE wrote all the descriptions and, in some cases, WE read or tested the information before WE were willing to recommend it. In other words – the value is not in the idea, it’s in the execution and the time.

Who’s the wizard behind the curtain?

The main guy is RE Benjamin but Henry Newold backs him up sometimes

Is this site Free?

Yup. You are free to use the site and all information is free. We try and update the resources frequently – times change you know – so check back or join the list to get updates.

How do we get updates when something new is added?

Join the email list. We get hundreds of resource submissions and then we sift through those and add the ones that are actually useful – then you rate them – sometimes we have to replace a resource that’s not quite as good with one that you find more helpful.

Are the lists ranked in any way in the beginning?

No way Jose. We have our favorites and biases but we know that almost everyone has their own experiences and opinions and would disagree with every ranked list we put out. So right now these are just the most valuable resources in each category that we could find and then you guys tell us if they’re any good.

Oh my, I found a broken link! How do I report it?

With so many outbound links to great resources we were bound to come up with a few donuts. If you ever come across a resource link that has been moved, is dead, or just packed up and went somewhere else, please let us know here.

Do you use affiliate links?

Yes and No. Some of the links are affiliate links, but most of them aren’t (although we do send referral links so the target site knows we sent them some love). Obviously most of the links that direct to anything on Amazon are affiliate links (we would be dumb to give Amazon any free advertising) – but remember it doesn’t cost you anything… besides, we need something for our time. JUST KNOW, IF WE USE AN AFFILIATE LINK, IT DOESN’T SWAY OUR OPINION OF THE RESOURCE IN ANY WAY.

Author Stash is *meh*… how can I submit a suggestion or request?

We really want this to be a useful site. As mentioned above, we know that the things that float our boat might not be the same for everyone – if you think we could improve the categories, the resource lists or even the format of the site, please let us know.

Your site is neat but it’s missing a great resource. How can I submit it?

That’s easy. Just submit a resource here.

I still have a question or I want you to know something.

Great, shoot us a message on FB or just contact us.

What can I do to help Author Stash?

Use us (in a good way) and share us with all your friends.