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10 Most Recommended Books on Writing Craft – WIN THEM ALL IN PAPERBACK!

Author Stash Writing Craft Book Bundle Contest

Hey Authors & Writers! We have a fantastic pre-launch contest with a huge bundle of books on writing craft (worth over $300) for the lucky winners (3 winners).

The Prize

The prize is a bundle of 10 of the most recommended books on writing craft (idea generation, outlining, writing speed, characterization, point of view, dialogue and other ways to improve your writing) and will be sent out in paperback format. Three (3) lucky winners will get all 10 books!

The books were selected based on the number of times I came across them in my research while building Author Stash. I’ve purposely chosen the books that were recommended by your fellow authors as the “best” in their category to help you write better.

The books are listed below and you can find more detail about the number of recommendations and books descriptions on a separate post. Good luck!

How can all of these books help you?

Hopefully it’s obvious that these 10 books should help guide you to not only write the best possible book but also do it in a way that appeals to the widest possible audience. And do it quickly!

This contest ends just a few days before the official launch of the Author Stash in April. Maximize your chances of winning by using the various entry options above!

What do you think?

I found these books to be the most recommended on different forums, on social media, on Reddit and within other author groups. What do you think? Leave a comment below or find the resource listed on Author Stash and cast your vote. Let others know if it’s worth their time!