5 Tools to Jump Start Your Writing When You Get Stuck

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Do you have a desire to write a great story, but don’t quite know how to get it going?

Does it feel like you are in the early stages of writer’s block, and you haven’t written much of anything yet?

Maybe it feels like you’re slogging through thick mud with every keystroke on the keyboard. But then you just stop. You’re completely stuck.

You’re in the Writer’s Block Mud Pit.

“Sometimes you get stuck. Sometimes you have to punch writer’s block in the mouth.” RE Benjamin

All writers experience that feeling, and it is not an uncommon struggle to not know how to start your project.  It occasionally happens to the best writers, and sometimes all it takes is a bit of brainstorming and help from a few of the tools listed on Author Stash to get your writing to take off again.

What are these tools, and how can you use them? Read on.

Here are a few helpful ways to jump start your writing project that you are sure will be a masterpiece.

  1. Story Starter

Utilizing the story starter, you can generate ideas for almost any type of story—short story, novel, etc.—by typing in your idea and clicking on the generator. All you need is one sentence about your idea. The generator will run through as many sets of ideas as you want it to, and should help you get some ideas going on how to start that manuscript. For creative writers, it is sure to get you going with some amazing ideas. Furthermore, as a tool, it earns the recommendation of many writers across the globe.

  1. Language is a Virus

This website contains many helpful resources that should help you get your writing going. What is highly recommended for those writers trying to get started is to use the writing prompt generator. This tool is very specific, and should give you some excellent ideas about what to write. Many writers report having success using this writing prompt generator.

  1. Aeon Timeline

Need to create a timeline for your story? Well, Aeon Timeline can help you with that—and more! The timeline has the capability to be divided into logical groups, and reordered, to help you organize your ideas. You should be able to develop a nice plot outline with this tool, getting yourself organized for some of your next steps.

Aeon recently released version 2.0 and Chris Fox did a review of it on his YouTube channel. The great thing that I didn’t know about Aeon is that it can automatically sync with your version of Scrivener so that the timeline is blended with the outline. What an awesome feature!

  1. Scapple

From the same group that brought you Scrivener, Literature & Latte also created a phenomenal mind-mapping tool.

Say you are more of a mind mapping type organizer. Well, then, Scapple is the tool for you. You will be able to create a mind map and move around ideas, linking them together, just as if you were using a pen and paper. You can write text anywhere on the screen, and then place items that belong together alongside each other. This software takes mindmapping to a different level and is another great tool to help you with your organization.

  1. Behind the Name

So, you’ve got everything figured out, but now you need to come up with character names. If you are a little lost with this part, you can use a name generator like Behind the Name. You are sure to come up with as many names as you like, as quickly as you need them. If you don’t like a name, you can skip to the next.

This list is just a preview of some of the helpful things Author Stash has to offer you when it comes to getting your ideas going for your writing journey. Please feel free to explore our other resources, and good luck writing.

Not enough?

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